Swift Current SK
established in 1970

Stuart Johnson  - President
Doug Graham  - Vice President
Jason Soos - Treasurer
Pete Fehr  - Secretary

Our Beginnings

The Eliminators Car Club was incorporated in June of 1970 by a young group of car enthusiasts.

Since that time the Club has undergone many changes
but still maintains the same basic objectives it started out with.

A Blast from the Past

Eliminator Car Club  20 years 1970 -1990
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President's Message
We are the Eliminators, Swift Current's longest running car club, established in 1970. Although our main focus may be on automobiles, that is not the only thing we are passionate about or what we are all about. We are also here to support and serve the great community that we are lucky enough to call home.This year, we are excited to team up with other organizations in our community where we can. We've got a great year ahead of us and we thank all for the continued support that has kept this organization going for the past 54 years!

Club Meetings

Swift Current Eliminators Car Club clubhouse
The club holds weekly meetings on Monday nights at 7:30 p.m. at the club garage.
1255 N Railway West, Swift Current, SK.

These meetings are open to anyone interested in joining the club or participating in club events.

Mission Statement
• To provide and encourage an understanding of the automobile, its functions and mechanical makeup.

• To provide facilities where members can build, repair and improve the automobile.

• To educate and inform the public in regards to the safe operation of the automobile.

• To promote an understanding of the aims and objectives of the membership to the public at large in order to close the gap of misunderstanding between the public and the driving youth as a whole.

• To provide friendship, good fellowship and mechanical understanding among members.

• To take an active interest in the civic, commercial, and moral welfare of the community.

• To provide a means and facilities for social communication between the members and to afford them all or any of the privileges and conveniences of a club.

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We have been unable to locate several past members and would like to post their names on the site to try to find them. Please contact the club if you have any information about:
Steve Turner | Dave Mitchell | Cedric Clark | Gene Allen